FDA May Give A ‘Go Ahead’ To Esketamine For Severe Depression

Chances are high that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will approve esketamine, anesthetic ketamine and a kind of club drug used for severe depression. If esketamine gets approved it will be the new vertical of medicines, which will give relief to millions of American people who suffer from this.

FDA’s approval will not be too early for Jen Godfrey, who was not able to get out of her depression even after finding a tolerable antiperspirant. Jen Godfrey is a recovering alcoholic who is carrying the depression because of her family history. She has suffered from a trail of events like 5 years long fertility treatment, weight gain in pregnancy (up to 80 pounds), the death of a near relative and another got missing led her to depression, her divorce was made things worse. Rev another home stayed, 44 years old mom, said that there were certain incidents in life which pulled her down but being a good mother, wife, and friend are reasons she should be happy.

Because of her severe depression, Godfrey has to opt for very expensive depression treatment, Ketamine. ‘Special K’ ketamine, is an animal anesthetic, popularly known as a drug for parties, got approved for human use in 1970. The drug is also used in extreme cases to calm kids and other patients having breathing issues. Mild and low doses of this ketamine have been useful in boosting mood and clearing suicide inducing thoughts. However, FDA has not yet approved this for being used as a depression drug. APA (American Psychiatrist Association) has also raised a warning stated that, because of less research and study being done on this drug, its usage may have ill effects on health.

Still, there are many clinics and depressions relieving centers, like one where Godfrey is taking treatment, which is flourishing well and is using ketamine openly against treating depression. Dr. Alan Schatzberg (Ex- APA President) who played an important role in writing APA’s ketamine advising statement, said that lack of proper information on ketamine’s is very dramatic and the explosion of its use has been seen in various communities.

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