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UK Space Investor Calls Brexit A Huge, Huge Mistake

The most successful entrepreneurs of space in UK has attacked Brexit and labeled it stupidity of galactic scale.

The planet company of Dr. Will Marshall is operating the largest network of satellite imaging in the world along with 150 spacecraft that can picture Earth daily.

 Dr. Marshall has warned that the withdrawal of EU would immensely harm the space industry of Britain. He said that Britain will be lost in the space.

The Space Agency of UK said that home businesses have a positive point of view. It added that a recent survey found that three-quarters of companies expects growth for the next 3 years.

Dr. Marshall posted a blog saying that after Brexit, no CEO would track down in UK a space company. He added that why a company would put its European base outside the only market of the largest block of trading in the world? Any company would avoid it.

Dr. Marshall has not been happy with UK’s actions on Galileo, which is an EU version of the GPS. The ministers have not supported the project as Brussels said that Britain in future would be a third country outside EU and it cannot get involved in the most secure elements of the system. This is despite the fact that UK has invested in Galileo £1.5 billion. London is saying that it would build its sat-nav system, but Dr. Marshall thinks that this plan would have its own security and economic implications. He writes that the costs to do it would stunt the growth of the space budget of UK and all this for something that would be likely to be years behind its close allies.

Dr. Marshall’s company has its headquarters in California and has in Germany, a European base. It was founded in 2010 by Chris Boshuizen and Robbie Schingler.

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