Debut Docking Has Been Conducted Successfully By Crew Dragon With The ISS

For the very first time, a docking and rendezvous to the International Space Station has been successfully conducted by the Crew Dragon of SpaceX, recently, after a successful launch. The docking took place on March 3 at 5:51 AM EST. Dragon was lofted to orbit by a Falcon 9 Block 5 missile from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Centre of NASA in Florida, which is more enormous and longer as compare to its Dragon 1 predecessor. Reportedly, 2 spacecrafts will arrive domestic crew launch capability to the US, one is the crew variant of Dragon 2 and the second is Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner.

A series of 4 test flights will be completed by SpaceX and NASA in order to check whether human can be carried by Crew Dragon or not. As per the sources, Demo-1 is the 2nd out of those 4 flights. To demonstrate nominal end to end performance of Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 is the main motto of Demo-1 after a positive pad abort trial occurred in the year 2015. This comprises signifying the on-orbit operations of communications, avionics, telemetry, electrical and propulsion systems, life support, navigation, guidance, control systems aboard both Dragon and Falcon 9.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX confirmed during a press conference that, the 1st two after-launch signs for Crew Dragon were effectively accomplished shortly separating from second stage of Falcon 9. To effort a self-sufficient docking in orbit, the first ever SpaceX vehicles was Dragon 2. Whereas, cargo resupply missions have been flying by Dragon 1 to the ISS since the year 2012, only manipulated close enough to be dealt by the robotic arm of the station. On the other hand, the robotic arm will not be used by Dragon 2, but the onboard Draco thrusters will rather be used to dock with the stations.

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