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Ghosn Granted Bail After Three Months In Japan’s Jail

After staying for about three months in jail, Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn is granted bail on Tuesday.

It was a lengthy legal battle after which Ghosn will be released on Wednesday for a bail amount of 1 billion Yens, which amounts to around $9 million. He has been let out on bail under conditions that he should remain in Japan and should not destroy evidence. He will be kept under camera surveillance and will have limited access to computers.

Leading lawyer Junichiro Hironaka has fought the legal battle for Ghosn. The team had submitted the bail on Thursday after which he was granted bail, though repeated attempts for bail had been ignored earlier. A report stating that Ghosn was kept under “dehumanizing conditions” was submitted to the United Nations.

On Nov 19, Carlos Ghosn was arrested for understating his income and breach of trust. He has been in the Tokyo Detention House since his arrest. He had made use of his position as head of the company to transfer losses arising from his personal investment upon carmaker Nissan, though he has denied all such charges.

In spite of repeated requests for bail, it has been denied. Prosecutors have been filing charges against him repeatedly.

Ghosn had been one of the leading executives in the automaking industry. He has headed Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi Motors, three leading carmaking companies.

The criminal justice department in Japan has also come in scrutiny by the world, as suspects are kept for prolonged periods when cases are charged against them.

Ghosn has accused Nissan executives of having plotted against him for his plan to strengthen relations with Renault, the Japanese automaker. Renault owns about 40 percent of Nissan, while Nissan holds a stake of 15 percent on Renault.

Nissan has made its own private investigation against its former CEO Ghosn and has uncovered unethical conduct evidence against him.

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