CDC Emphasizes Prevention To Manage Staph Infections

Infection caused due to Staphylococcus aureus has claimed almost 20,000 lives out of the 119,000 people infected in United Nation in 2017. It has been observed that from 2005 up to 2013 there is a decline of 17.1% cases of infection from methicillin-resistant staph aureus although no change in infection rate has been observed as per US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of CDC, is of the opinion that though the hospitals and other health care centers are trying to make progress but non compliance of CDC recommendation is the reason for the infection to be still present.

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are found in the noses and the skin of fit people. There are two type of Staph: methicillin-sensitive staph aureus (MSSA) or methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA). MSSA bacteria react to family of antibiotics known as beta-lactam; for example, methicillin, oxacillin, etc. while an MRSA bacterium does not react to the above. Both MRSA and MSSA can cause skin and bloodstream infections leading to death.

According to Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of CDC –the staph infections are of grave concern and also deadly.

It has been observed that people who stay in hospital are exposed to greater risk of staph due to surgery, injections or even closeness with person with staph infection. Further MRSA can also spread through community. As per report, there is a decline of MRSA cases transmitted in community whereas the spread of MSSA cases are on the rise.

The implementation of CDC suggestions is important for the healthcare people. They should use gloves and gowns, review the data related to infection and the interventions that maybe required to meet the goal.

As per Dr. Athena Kourtis, the infection prevention and control work may not be same for all. Different strategies have to be worked out depending on the cases and patients, so that the best outcome can been given for the infected cases.

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