A Publicity Stint That Didn’t Hit The Bull’s Eye…Amazon’s HQ2

Amazon bidding for its new HQ2 headquarters is turning out to be a publicity nightmare for the ecommerce giant. They has announced a bidding process which is set be highly public according to the company. After a set of grilling opposition for the local politicians, Amazon is now going through a similar phase in the Northern Virginia area. Northern Virginia was the second winner in the bidding process for the Amazon Headquarters. The main points focused by the opposition was the immense benefits that Amazon is deriving from the cities and about the impact the E-commerce giant would have on the cost of living of the neighboring areas.

According to PR experts, Amazon was fully capable of avoiding all these unpleasant encounters by choosing to keep its bidding process a secret. A communications expert from Dartmouth said that it was a bad idea to create a sort of a ‘beauty contest’ and end up making it a dish served on the platter for the media. Other peers of Amazon choose to keep their similar projects quiet and clear from protests. Last year Google went ahead to make a billion dollar investment in New York and said that it was not planning on seeking any incentives for the same. Apple did not create a circus out of its Austin Campus investments either, although it did receive a large amount of tax benefits for the same. Argentini, the communications expert from Dartmouth said that Amazon could and should have done the same. They have called these incidents upon themselves she added.

The publicity mishap is not completely an Amazon fault as the highly sensitive political environment of New York also played a vibrant role. Yet, this ends up to be a great missed opportunity for Amazon as they lose to highly lucrative investment grounds.

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