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Florida’s Tesla Crash To Be Investigated By US Safety Authority

The car crash that occurred in Florida last Friday, between a Tesla card and a semi-commercial trailer is being investigated by the administration department of the Highway safety department (NHTSA) and the Safety board of the National Transportation (NTSB). These cases involve the autopilot assistance provided by the Tesla vehicles which also occurred in California in the year 2018. The NHTSA can ask for a withdrawal of this system if it poses as a risk and on the other hand NTSB has merely made recommendations for safety measures.

According to a spokesperson from the Transportation Department, a separate investigating division has been put in charge of investigating the crash involving the Tesla autopilot system. On the other hand NTSB plans to send a three member team for the crash investigation. The initial report issue by the County Sheriff did not clearly indicate if the autopilot system was engaged during the crash. This crash had resulted in the death of a 50 year old man who was the owner of this Tesla Model 3.

The report stated that the Tesla had crashed with a tractor and went underneath it. The crash resulted in the roof of the car falling back and the car came to a state of rest after a few meters. The individual driving the car was reported as dead on site. Tesla was approached for comments about the crash but they refused to speak. Owners and drivers of the Tesla vehicle say that the autopilot system helps them to keep their hands off the wheels for long, while the automobile manufacturing company clearly states that the drivers are supposed to keep their hand on the wheels and eyes on the road at all times. The crash was very similar to the earlier crash reported in 2018, according to sources.

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