Tommy Robinson’s Page Gets Banned On FB

The official Instagram profile and Facebook page of anti-Islamic activist Tommy Robinson has been taken down for violation of hate speech policies. The former leader of English Defense League was regarded to have been a part of ‘organized hate’. Facebook said that many of Robinson’s posts violated the community standards of the social network. It added that the decision for removing the page had been taken in a serious manner as hate speech has the ability to create an environment of exclusion and intimidation for particular societal groups, which again can have immensely dangerous offline implications. The official Facebook page of Tommy Robinson has repeatedly broken all norms and rules by posting materials which use dehumanizing language and call for violence against the Islamic community.

The ban, in simple terms, means that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (real name of Tommy Robinson) will not be able to create an Instagram or Facebook profile or page ever in the future. Last month, a written warning was sent to Robinson pointing out the numerous posts on his profile and page that were in violation of the community standards, including posts referring to Muslims as ‘filthy scum bags’ and urging humans to terrorize and behead people who follow the Koran, posts encouraging people to ‘make war’ on the Islamic community and numerous videos depicting bullying of individuals. YouTube, in January, suspended adverts on Robinson’s account for breaking advertising rules of their community which he had denied completely saying that he was being victimized by censorship. PayPal, in November, denied processing payments for Mr. Robinson and in May, he was put behind bars for 13 months for contempt of court, sparking #freetommy protests. Following procedural concerns, the conviction was quashed later. The case has currently been referred and directed to the attorney general. Robinson’s Twitter account was suspended and he was banned from the social media platform in March 2018 for breaking their ‘hateful conduct policy’.

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