FedEx To Start Testing Robotic Deliveries For Walmart, Pizza Hut

This summer FedEx has plans of beginning to test a robot for handling home deliveries to cater to partners including the likes of Walmart and Pizza Hut.

Restaurateurs, shippers and retailers have been to be experimenting when it comes to robots, self-driving cars and drones in an attempt to utilize automation for driving down high costs of delivery of groceries, gadgets or even mere cups of a beverage like coffee to that “last mile” of the consumer’s doorsteps. FedEx will look to team up with the firm DEKA Development & Research. The firm’s founder named Dean Kamen was behind invention of the Segway scooter equipped with the stand-up feature as well as the iBot wheelchair with stair-climbing ability. This delivery company commented that robots may be included in its SameDay services that operate in nearly 1,900 cities around the globe.

The robots are battery-powered and resemble wheeled coolers. Software and cameras help them in detection and avoidance of obstacles while roaming roadways and sidewalks at a maximum speed of nearly 10 miles or 16 km an hour. The project necessarily has to win all-round approval when operated in test towns and cities, that will include the hometown of the shipper, Memphis. The initial deliveries will occur between office stores of FedEx.

On an average, greater than 60% of the customers of the merchants reside within a 3-mile range of where a store is located. FedEx confirmed to be working hand-in-hand with the company’s partners, including Target and AutoZone, for determining whether autonomous delivery service to them constitutes a viable option with respect to cheap, fast deliveries. Last year, Starship Technologies has rose north of $40 million when it comes to venture funding and successfully been able to deploy robots for delivering packages in and around the Bay Area of San Francisco.

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