Lyft Gears For The IPO, Has 4680 Full Time Workers

Rideshare hailing firm Lyft may be regarded as a non-entity before biggies like Amazon and Google but in one level it is bigger than them which is its number of employees. As per employee data released by the firm it had 4680 employees on its rolls that were working full time. This figure is triple the number released in 2016 as per the prospectus released during its IPO filing late this week. The rapid expansion of the firm shows the growth of technology enabled transportation in current world and the need for Lyft to aggressively hire new personnel to keep pace with arch rival Uber.

During October last year Uber had announced that it has more than 20,000 employees on its rolls. Lyft competes with firms like Gett for talented personnel and also with autonomous vehicle operators like Google, and Apple for business. The firm has more than 50 office and its driver hub service centers had more than 4791 employees by the end of 2018. Besides full time employees Lyft also has contractors and consultants along with drivers that are called as independent contractors. When Facebook filed for its IPO in 2012 it had 3200 employees while Dropbox had 1858 people when it filed for IPO during last year.

A large majority of its employees namely 36 % concentrate on improving its design, engineering and product management activities. Its trust and safety team that handles sensitive issues has nearly 300 staff members while several hundred people work at its engineering division in Palo Alto CA on development of self-learning car technology. It declared that employees in Lyft are not under any union and they firm have never faced any labor related issues. As the headcount of the firm tripled during this period Lyft stated that number of riders opting for their rideshare services also increased by more that amount.

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