Elon Musk Aims For Mars, Wants To Create A Lunar Base

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is in its initial stage of building a new space rocket called Starship. With this new rocket, Musk is aiming to transport about 100 humans and cargo to Mars. The CEO also thinks that this new massive rocket will help them build presence of humans on the Moon.

Musk said that Starship will be good for their company to build a foundation on the Moon. He added that before getting on to Mars, they will mostly create a foundation on the Moon. Jim Bridenstine of NASA said that he is expecting that NASA will soon be returning to the Moon. They aim to get the first rocket to take humans on the Moon by 2024, he added.

Bridenstine also said that the lunar plans of NASA will be more likely a private-public partnership, which means that NASA will get into a partnership with private companies like SpaceX to fulfill their goal.

Starship is being manufactured at SpaceX’s facility in Texas. SpaceX is presently working on a first version of their rocket. The final version of the rocket will be bigger than its test version. The CEO of SpaceX said that test version of the rocket is only for the low altitude flights that will not be reaching the orbit.

Musk’s company is manufacturing Starship to transport cargo and humans beyond our Earth’s orbit. He has also publicized Starship as the rocket that will be transporting up to around 100 people to the planet Mars. SpaceX is also developing Raptor engine that helps power the rocket -Starship. Earlier, Musk had said that his Raptor engine has attained an important milestone and achieved the level of power required to lift the rocket. The rocket will have 7 Raptor engines and its Super Heavy Booster will consist of 31 of Raptor engines.

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