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Microsoft Face Workers Protest Over Hololens Deal

Many employees of Microsoft have barged against $480 million, Hololens deal, between the tech. giant and the US military. According to the deal Microsoft has to supply headsets which are designed for augmented reality to the army. US army has shown interest in acquiring these headsets so that they can increase their combat skills in a battlefield.

Employees of Microsoft have taken an action against the dealing with US army by signing a joint letter. According to the letter, employees have shown their anger by stating that the workers of Microsoft didn’t advocate for war and atrocity. The letter was duly signed by 50+ employees. Through the letter, the employees of Microsoft have made it clear that they strictly abhor the endeavor of the company. The letter was issued to Satya Nadella and Brad Smith of Microsoft.

The letter, further demands that Microsoft should terminate the program of weapon development and close the IVAS deal with the US army. IVAS or Integrated Visual Augmented System is a technology which has the power to make an actual warfare scene into simulated gaming. Through this technology, soldiers would be able to escape the atrocities of war by combating from a remote area. One of the employees of Microsoft told the press that the company has started to violate its own mission statement. The employee further told that it is very devastating news that Microsoft has signed up for such an endeavor in the first place.

A spokesperson from Microsoft told the press that the company has received the letters from its employees and their demands will be answered soon. While addressing a news conference Brad Smith, President of Microsoft told that software developers or employees who aren’t comfortable working on this project can acquire different job role inside the company. Mr. Smith further said that the software developers have lost their decision-making ability, they have lost their focus from their job role and now they are charging Microsoft for as a war profiteer.

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