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May’s Keynote Delayed, Uncertainties Loom—Report

As per prior arrangement Theresa May, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom was supposed to arrange a meet where the British lawmakers will vote on her Brexit deal. Theresa has cancelled the meet and now the voting will take place in just 17 days before UK leaves European Union. May has also informed that her government is in continuous talks with European Union and a good Brexit deal is still possible. She also informed that the Members of the Parliament will give their valuable votes on 12 March, 2019. UK will be leaving Brexit on 29thMarch.

The delay in the voting did not go well with the opposition. Jeremy Corbyn, who is the leader of the opposition Labor Party, commented that May is taking a reckless move. He also stated that she is putting the country at risk with this move. The delayed voting also will leave to the MPs just the options of a bad deal and a no- deal to choose from. The Labor party has the aim to work along with the commons and stop a no- deal Brexit. The MPs are concerned that if the voting process is delayed, they might not have enough time to frame a new deal and the ultimate result might be to leave EU without a deal; this is supposed to be detrimental to the future of Britain. Last week, EU president, Jean Claude Juncker termed this complete Brexit deal mess as ‘Brexit Fatigue.’

A voting on the Brexit deal took place in January. The vote rejected the deal. The proposal received 202 votes in its favor and 432 votes against it. As per analysts, even UK leaving EU will get delayed. As per media, the Brexit might get delayed by 2 months. It is also in news that the government has sorted a list of strategies to prevent ministers (who want a Brexit with deal) from resigning.

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