Congress Oversight Body Suggested GDPR-Akin Privacy Rules

The Senators and Tim Cook pushing for US edition of the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations have discovered an ally in the Government Accountability Office. In a report posting its results for a research supported by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, GAO suggested making a comprehensive rule on web privacy. The bi-partisan management agency recommends placing the FTC in command of enforcing the regulations, which will be developed to offer users more control over their own info.

As the office cited in its report, the FTC is already responsible for web privacy-associated cases. But since its power is pretty restricted, it is only been capable of closing 101 cases over the last decade. Almost all of them concluded in settlements. A bunch of GDPR-akin regulations will offer the organization extra power, such as the right to put penalties when suitable.

On a related note, consumer groups all over 7 European nations earlier filed GDPR grievances in opposition to location tracking by Google, as per media reports. BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation), of which every group is a member, states that “deceptive practices” by Google around location tracking do not offer consumer a real choice about whether to switch it on, and that Google does not properly tell them about what this tracking involves. If upheld, the grievances might indicate a hefty penalty for the search behemoth.

The grievances, which each group has registered to their national authorities for data protection in keeping with GDPR regulations, follows after the wake of the discovery that the firm is capable of tracking consumer’s location even when the option for “Location History” is disabled. A different setting, dubbed as “Web and App Activity,” which is turned on by default, must be switched off to completely avoid tracking of the location.

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