ESA Looks For New Uniform For Astronauts

The European Space Agency (ESA) is on lookout for new material for their astronauts’ uniform. The prime aim for searching this new kind of bodysuit is to provide better protection to the astronauts from the inhospitable conditions present on the moon. ESA, which is based out at Paris have signed 2 years contract with the Austrian Space Forum, Comex, its partners (German Institute of Textile Technology & Process Engineering). This inter-governmental agency is supposed to inspect the current material used in preparing spacesuit. New materials which can have self- hearing capabilities can repel dust and have integrated circuit units.

An ESA official informed, the detection and use of such higher grade material can make moonwalks more comfortable. ESA is trying to choose material for spacesuit which is in sync with the future exploration strategy of ESA. As per the plan, the agency will send astronauts to moon in next few years. The Project has been named as Pexte. Discussion on the same will start in May. The agency is supposed to select a range of prospective materials for spacesuit and discuss the same. As per the ESA officials, they have a plan to establish a permanent lunar base. For this the foremost thing needed by the astronauts is rugged garments. The astronauts should be able to stay in the spacesuit for long hours.

The spacesuit material should be able to withstand extreme temperatures existing in the lunar atmosphere; the temperature ranges between -274 degrees Fahrenheit during nights and 248 Fahrenheit during the day. The material should also be capable enough to adjust to the vacuum for minimum 2500 hours. It should be able to provide electromagnetic protection for at least 8 hours. Last but not the least; ESA is looking for a spacesuit which will protect the astronaut from the rough lunar soil and have resistance against lunar radiations.

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