Echostar Uses ‘One Satellite At A Time’ Approach

Colorado based EchoStar which had purchased its latest satellite Jupiter-3 during 2017 to increase the capacity of its broadband has been inundated with customers’ demand for more bandwidth is now wishing that it should have ordered it earlier. The Jupiter 3 purchased from Space Systems Loral is filling with customers quickly and will enable increase of broadband across America when it is launched in 2021. The executives of Echostar now say that though they recognize the need to increase capacity they don’t want to make satellite purchases blindly as then they may end up stocking obsolete technology if something else is developed within a couple of years.

EchoStar’s CFO David Rayner stated that though they have the capital to increase capacity by going ahead and launching two Jupiter 3 satellites but then if technology improves then it makes economic sense to have a more upgraded satellite for better return on capital investment. Like EchoStar there are several firms in the communications business which are struggling to make satellite investment as optimal as possible. With the rapid advancement in satellite technology that now uses narrow and concentrated beams than traditional satellites to enable broadband connectivity, several operators are having second thoughts about their investments in satellite technology.

Recently fleet operator ABS confessed that Viasat-3’s global system would have been able to outperform its ABS-8 satellite had it gone ahead with its order. PSN, Indonesian satellite operator has stated that its new satellite that will be launched with the help of SpaceX could have been designed with 10 times more capacity if it had the technology what is available now. Its network system division located in Maryland operates three broadband satellite namely Jupiter -1, SpaceWay-3 and Jupter-2 that provide services like home broadband facility, inflight connectivity to business houses and private customers.

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