Against All Odds, Huawei Sees Growth In Canada

Tech giant Huawei, from China is increasing its foothold in Canada, despite the pressure the company faces from the U.S, owing to the geopolitical trade wars between Beijing and Ottawa.  They wish to offer about 200 development and research openings in Canada. Along with that they also want to increase their developmental spending by 15%.

The President of Huawei in Canada, Eric Li said that they were extremely grateful to be able to work in a country like Canada which is regarded as one of the most technologically innovative community. This statement arrives at a time when the United States is making plans to shut down Huawei operations in the country, with the release of the new 5G wireless network.  The claim that US made against Huawei was that, the equipments manufactured by the company were used by the Chinese government to spy on the nation. In a response to this, Huawei denied any such nation security risk involvement through their products. They made it clear that any interference from Beijing will be strictly rejected.

The US has also filed a criminal conspiracy case against Huawei, which they are actively pursuing in the northern neighbor. The CFO of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, was also arrested by the Canadian authorities at a request from the US. The U.S stated that Meng was involved with her co-employer to issue sanctions on Iran. She will now be facing a battle in Vancouver which might end with her being extradited to New York. This arrest was what triggered the standoff between the Chinese and the Canadian government. Multiple Canadians were held back in China as a response to this incident. China has aggressively asked Canada for the release of Meng. Canada seemed to be following the extradition agreement that it has with the US government.

Eventually Meng was released after a bail of $7.5 million and is required to appear in court this March.

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