Drinking Diet Soda Increases Risk Of Stroke, Heart Disease, Primary Death

Since the diet soda was introduced in the year 1982, drinks which are artificially sweetened have become a major part in the American diet. According to a customer survey conducted in the year 2018, more than half of Americans in the age group of 18-49 have consumed at least one single diet soda in the last 4 weeks. So, the actual effects of the zero calorie sweeteners take on our health are being studied by the epidemiologists is hardly surprising. Some of the worrying conclusions were drawn in the current study, which was printed in the Stroke journal this week.

Drinking 2 or more than of these beverages per day was associated to a primary risk of death, heart disease and stroke in postmenopausal women. Health ad diet information was gathered from more than eighty thousand women by the study who possess the age group between 50-79 for as a part of the Health Initiative for Women, in the year 1991 a longitudinal study was created by the National Institutes of Health. Precisely, a connection among the intake of diet sodas and additional artificial sweetened beverages (such as Vitamin Water, Crystal Light and Snapple) and heart disease, stroke and complete mortality was looked by the authors.

The confounding factors into account were taken by the authors, which means after bearing in mind the characteristics the conclusions are as we formerly know chances of people having a heart disease or stroke, like poor nutrition, smoking, diabetes status, hypertension and age. It was found by the authors once elements were controlled that women who consumed 2 or more artificially sweetened beverage per day were 31% more probable to be diagnose with stroke, 29% more probable to be diagnose with heart disease and 16% with primary death as compare to the women who drink beverages once a week or less than that.

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