AI Startup Pullstring Reportedly Acquired By Apple

Apple is setting its foot in the AI race and as a fraction of its newest attempts, the iPhone maker has supposedly procured a San Francisco-situated AI startup named Pullstring—also called ToyTalk. The firm assists the companies to publish and design voice-based apps that take advantage of prevailing voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

As per Axios—that reported the acquirement citing several resources—Pullstring might assist Apple’s Siri better contend with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa by providing gizmos for voice developers seeking to incorporate services into the ecosystem of Apple. The acquirement of Pullstring is yet to be substantiated by Apple.

Pullstring was established in 2011 by a team of previous Pixar executives and, originally, was utilized to support interactive voice applications for toys, comprising Thomas The Tank Engine and Hello Barbie toys in association with Mattel. The firm has gone on to obtain $44 Million.

Later, the startup extended its service with the rollout of IoT-enabled devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. Axios mentions, “The open contract value is stated to be about $30 Million, in addition to about $10 Million in likely earn-outs for the organization. That would comprise CEO Oren Jacob, who earlier served as the CTO of Pixar.”

TechCrunch’s report contemplates the buyout can assist Apple to begin speech-activated toys lineup. Distinctly, TechCrunch claims to have obtained substantiation of the acquirement from individuals knowing about the agreement but did not have anything to further include in terms of the deal’s value.

Likewise, recently, Facebook also purchased an AI furniture shopping startup known as GrokStyle, as the firm carries on to extend its technology with more focus on AI. The San Francisco-situated firm, established in 2015, builds technology that enables customers to take a picture of furniture and utilizes AI to spot identical products accessible online.

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