Study Reveals Fruits, Veggies Good For Mental Health

We all are well aware of the fact that eating vegetables and fruits is good for health. A new research has come up with a finding that consumption of vegetables and fruits are also good for mental health also.

A study that was conducted in 2016 in Australia found that the physiological well-being of people increased after they raised their consumption of fruits and vegetables. The new research was conducted to know whether this finding of the 2016 study is applicable to a larger sample consisting of 40,000 participants.

The analysis of the study showed that an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables is directly linked to an increase in the mental satisfaction and well-being that spanned over five years. The study took into consideration other elements of mental well-being such as income, physical wealth, and intake of other foods.

It has been proved that physical activities benefits out mental health. It is estimated that adding just one cup of vegetable diet daily can help gain equal mental health which can be gained by walking seven to eight days in a month. This one cup can be full of raw vegetables, or half cup fruits (chopped), or half cup vegetables (cooked). Since the results are good, it is simple to improve our mental health, just by adding fruits and vegetables to our diet or regularly eating salad with lunch or dinner.

Although study shows link between mental health and eating more fruits and vegetables, it requires lot of resources to conduct such trials which can clearly establish this link. Alternatively researchers are studying biological processes which are dependent on chemicals found in fruits and vegetables, like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins are responsible for lowering inflammation, prime cause of depressive mood.

Recent study has proved that there is a positive link between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and high levels of mental well-being. However, eating vegetables and fruits can’t be considered an alternative for the medical treatment, but it is the simplest ways to improve your mental well-being.

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