Greenland To Be Hiding Yet Another Giant Crater

Meteorite impacts might have left more craters in the ice of Greenland. Data analysis from a satellite and aerial images concerning the topographical study of materials beneath sheets of ice showed a vast structure hidden underneath. The exact location is 183 kilometers away from Hiawatha in the southeast direction. This latest found object is approximately 36.5 kilometers and is a bit more in length compared to 31 kilometers Hiawatha depression. Researchers have reported of this on February 11, 2019.

Resembling Hiawatha, the new object has a rim in the shape of a ring around the depression while the peak is at the center. Glaciologist working along with Operation IceBridge of NASA said that the object seemed like a crater that has been come out from the effect of a huge meteorite. However, it was possible to get geological data in case of Hiawatha. Scientists revealed that it is quite difficult to find any information to either agree or disagree of the object being extraterrestrial in nature. This new found object is placed not at the sides of an ice, sheet but at the center, making the task of scientists next to impossible.

If scientists cannot get any sort of geological information, it is not possible to find out whether or not Hiawatha and this one belonged from same event and what the age of the crater etc is. Scientists then focused on the chances of two unrelated large events to have occurred in such close distance to each other. Experts used older data to see if that was possible.

When scientists preceded the study in a different direction, they found out that there are chances of two ice craters on earth present at an approximate distance of 183 kilometers. Planetary scientist, William Bottke, said that such an event has been noticed before. There are two craters already present in Ukraine and Canada and there can be a 3rd wing to it as well.

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