Gender Transitioning Medicines Likely To Affect Hearth Health

A recent research published in scientific journal Circulation stated that people that are undergoing gender change therapies though the use of hormonal medicines are likely to experience severe cardio vascular conditions. Previous studies done by National Institute of Health also showed that treatment with medicines like progestin and estrogen put women under risk of 100 % blood clots, 41 % heart strokes and 29 % heart attack.

NIH estimates show that estrogen can increase heart stroke risk by 39 percent and risk of blood clots by 47 percent. According to Dr Nienke Nota and her team from Dept. of Endocrinology at Amsterdam University which examined medical records of nearly 3875 people of Dutch origin that were born as transgender and underwent hormonal therapy between 1972 and 2015 women were twice more likely to get a stroke after the therapy then men.

The study group examined medical records of 2517 transgender women and 1358 transgender men among which the women were in the average age group of 30 years while the men were in average age group 23 years. While the women had been given estrogen either alone or with androgen suppressors, men were given testosterone as part of their medication for gender transition. Both groups were followed for a period of 8 and 9 years on an average after beginning their hormonal therap. Researchers then examined their medical reports to check for incidence of health issues like strokes and heart attacks and compare the same with normal people.

These studies revealed that women undergoing this therapy were 4.5 times more likely to develop blood clots in their brains or heart region than regular men and women. Dr. Nota stated that these risks could be sorted out by exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy, reducing weight and cutting down on smoking and alcohol. Author cautioned that their analysis did not include modifiable risk factors like cutting down on alcohol, stress and exercise.

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