Coachella Delivery Lockers By Amazon Will Assist You Get More Sunscreen

The Coachella music festival is recognized for treating fans with deals, but they will now have online deliveries (one of the crucial creature comforts). Amazon is making number of Lockers accessible at Coachella on both weekends (April 12–14, 2019, and April 19–21, 2019) offering you a way to get online orders while you are still at the event. If you lose your phone charger or run out of sunscreen, you may not have to shop from a costly on-site vendor or leave the event.

To assist, Amazon aims to start a curated Coachella service that will add goods from sectors you would possibly care about at the festival, such as health, tech, camping, and beauty. No, you are not about to receive a TV or a tent, but goods that might fit in one of the Lockers are possibly fair game. There no hiding the intentions here: this is an advertisement for Lockers.

On a related note, Amazon earlier emerged with a new method for you to get packages: leaving them within your garage. Rohit Shrivastava (Amazon Key boss) tells to the media that the idea lifted some “emotional concerns” and “hurdles,” but the firm is still attempting to roll out an unbeaten delivery service that allows strangers into your home. Only Amazon witnesses your garage as a good place to perform that now.

That is why the latest Amazon Key for Garage allows the firm’s delivery personnel unlock your garage door to deliver products there rather. It operates with all deliveries from Amazon Prime, and you can both get alerts when deliveries are made and observe your garage with a camera. The firm believes that it might be a simpler sell for huge packages, not to mention families worried about pets or weather.

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