Apple Music Crosses The Mark Of 50 Million Subscribers

While iPhone business of Apple did not end on a high note in 2018, Apple Music and iTunes are developing at a good pace as per Tim Cook (Apple CEO).

During the first earning call of the company for 2019, Cook made the declaration that Apple Music had surpassed the 50 Million user mark at the tail-end of 2018 and the services part of the business (which comprises Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and the 30,000 subscription-supported applications on the App Store) is almost 40% more as compared to the last year.

At final check, Spotify, the largest devoted music streaming service in the world, only had almost 70 Million paying users but was still in the vanguard position. That may not be the case for much time if Apple can carry on with this speed. This time in 2018, media claimed that the music streaming service by Apple only had almost 36 million paying users, which means that it has grabbed quite a few users in the past year.

On a related note, there was previously the alternative on Facebook Messenger to stream music utilizing Spotify and other applications. Now, consumers will also be allowed to stream music utilizing Apple Music bot. A subscriber of Apple Music will be allowed to stream all songs while those who have not yet enrolled, can still listen to songs for 30 Seconds and can share them with others.

To receive the Apple Music bot, consumers might just have to search for it within the Messenger app and install it from the built-in store. Similar to the other bots, the Apple Music bot can also be included in a conversation of Facebook Messenger by clicking on the icon of “+.” Hence, this addition is likely to grab more users for Apple Music. In addition to this, consumers do not even require to type the subject to receive songs.

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