Baidu Develops Smart Cat Shelter That Employs AI

Baidu, the top search engine company of China, in Beijing made a smart cat shelter that employ AI to confirm when a cat is coming and open its door. The cat shelter offers cats with water & food and is also heated.

Apart from operating main search engine of China, Baidu also works on AI tools overall and controls iQiyi, a Netflix-akin rival that employs algorithms to decide what users might be interested in seeing next. While cat shelters normally appear out of the scope of what the firm makes, Baidu claims that the idea first was thought by an employee, Wan Xi, who exposed a small cat hiding last winter in his car and started to sympathize with the dilemma of other stray pets. Wan then actually closed himself at home to design software and operate on a probable solution, employing tools from Baidu’s AI group. Next, discussing with volunteer groups, Baidu made the actual shelters as a group effort.

On a related note, self-driving delivery startup, Udelv, earlier declared that it was joining hands with Walmart to start a self-directed grocery delivery service. The California-located firm claimed that it was also associating with Baidu to pilot the Chinese search behemoth’s Apollo 3.5, the newest self-directed driving open platform.

It is the newest in a series of declarations centered on the employment of self-directed cars in last-mile delivery situations, underlining a basic truth about the future: it is dangerous to put human travelers in robot cars, but it is much less dangerous to put Amazon packages and groceries in them. Udelv has been employing its series of self-directed vans to trial grocery delivery with a series of food markets. In 2018, the startup inked an agreement to supply biggest grocery chain of Oklahoma City with self-driving cars.

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