AT&T Faces Legal Charges From Sprint Over 5G E Campaign

Enemies and several consumers alleged AT&T for promoting false 5G technology. As a result of which AT&T had to face charges of lawsuit in federal court. Sprint has filed the case on February 5, 2019. The charges are—AT&T deceiving their customers to think that they are getting the latest 5G wireless network. However, what the consumers are actually using is just the updated version of 4G LTE.

Sprint was furious with this falsity exhibited by the company. They said that this deception cannot be ignored by any chance. It has caused Sprint to lose many sales and the public had to face confusion over the issue. AT&T did not say anything in their defense. For past few weeks, AT&T had substituted the LTE symbol beside the network in specific smartphones with a symbol that read “5G E” signifying 5G evolution. AT&T said that it was to show that they are working hard towards getting into 5G network that will allow customers to download at the speed of 100 times more than the existing speed.

However, AT&T has yet not been able to come up with 5G network. Thus companies like Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile tweeted, released ads in print media to accuse AT&T of publicizing false things and snatching away the market of others illegally. The 4 mentioned companies are competing against one another to launch the first 5G wireless network of the nation. Sprint mentioned that AT&T has been taking up unfair means to fool people and turn the game in their favor. Chief of AT&T Randall Stephenson answered back on February 8, 2019, that they are quite confident enough to upgrade faster to 5G E and they need not take up unfair means to be successful.

Sprint had contacted AT&T before filing the charge. But Sprint said it is part of their marketing scheme and the new icon won’t be taken down.

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