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Amazon Reconsiders Its Plan To Set Up A Campus In NYC

American E-commerce giant Amazon is said to be reconsidering its plan to set up a new campus in the city of New York. Happenings in the recent past had almost confirmed that the company will reportedly shift its location for a new campus to Connecticut. This decision of the company caused several movements in Connecticut because if the company actually shifts to Connecticut, it will probably change the lives of the local residents from multiple dimensions. In a fresh round, the Washington post has reported that the company is again said to be reconsidering its plan to set up a campus in the Long Islands.

The plan of the company about establishing a campus in NYC gathered severe criticism from the local residents. Several protests were held against it has they can multiple concerns regarding the giant shift along with them. It also included the incentives in Billions that will be given to the company along with its possible impact over transportation, rents, and housing. Taking the protests and criticism of locals into consideration, the officials of the company have initiated the talks with the company’s administration for the possible shifting of its new campus to a new place.

Information about the same was revealed over Twitter by Ned Lamont who is the Governor in the area. He also said that company’s possible shifting into Connecticut area is being considered and the administration is hoping that the talks will get through and a suitable solution will be drawn out. The company had announced its intentions of opening its second headquarters in the year 2018 post which several cities in the United States extended a hand of proposal. The decision of the company received great amount of appreciation which was reflected through the positive comments made by each of those governors.

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