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Unusual Heart-Shaped Meteorite Up For Sale Prior To Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people would be busy thinking what to gift their partners. Well, an outstanding gift is about to go on auction and has arrived here from space. Soon, the British auction house Christie’s is to launch online sale on a heart-shaped meteorite, one that plunged to Earth in 1947 over Siberia.

The meteorite, as per Christie’s, once was a part of a huge iron mass that tear from the asteroid belt around 320 million years ago. It got in the atmosphere of the Earth on February 12, 1947, smashing into smaller meteorites and radiating over Sikhote-Alin Mountains of Siberia in a fireball “intense than the Sun.”

Chimneys crumbled, trees were shredded from the ground, and windows shattered by the shock waves caused by the blast of the iron mass, whereas the sonic booms echoed almost 200 mi away. A 20-mi smoke tail suspended in the sky, whereas the meteorites that tear down from the core body generated nearly 200 craters, few up to 85-ft wide, said the auction house on its site.

The auction house declared the supposed “Heart of Space” will be available for sale beginning February 6 till February 14, Valentine’s Day. The auction house anticipates it to sell for anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000.

Likewise, before this, a 12-pound lunar meteorite was also put up on sale by Boston-based RR Auction. The meteorite was found last year in Northwest Africa and is expected to be sold for $500,000 or more during its online bidding. It’s “among the most significant meteorites accessible for purchase anyplace in the world,” and among the largest fragments of the moon ever placed for auction. The rock cataloged as NWA 11789, also dubbed “Buagaba,” was discovered in a distant region of Mauritania last year but perhaps fell on to the Earth thousands of years ago.

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