Twitter Now Allows You Invite Guests Into Live Streams On Periscope

Twitter this week included a new function to its live-streaming Periscope app that it claims consumers have been requesting for years. It offers the capability of inviting guests onto a live recording. The new function is developed to allow streamers bring in audience, while the Periscope application will then broadcast sound to everyone else from that person in the stream. Twitter claims you will be capable of including maximum 3 guests on a live stream apart from the host. If any one of the guests is disconnected, new ones can then be included.

The function is one more attempt from Twitter to reinvent its live-streaming service into something that may draw more of the podcast users, as well as YouTube and Twitch users that seek for live content. Beginning in December 2017, when Twitter included the capability of going live from within its main mobile application, Periscope has become more of a function of the platform as compared to a platform itself.

On a related note, Twitter is beginning to trial new methods of showing tweets, which will launch out as fraction of a beta program in the weeks to come. The beta program will comprise new functions such as indenting, speech bubbles, and multiple colors determined by whether you are replying or following someone, as per a representative from Twitter. They can be visible in the tweet on the platform.

Other functions, such as status availability, might launch out in the coming time, as per representative from Twitter. This function will not be accessible in the forthcoming beta initiative, although. The status availability function will position a green bubble next to names of beta users when they are using the app and actively online, akin to status indicator by Instagram, as per new screenshots issued by Twitter.

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