Verizon Halts 5G Home Launch Until Actual 5G Tool Is Ready

Verizon took huge pride in being first one to launch “5G” home broadband, but the firm has declared that its 5G Home will not be branching out to other cities further than the initial 4 launch areas until later in 2019. More particularly, it will take until sometime in the H3 of this year.

Why the delay? The 5G Home by Verizon is built upon its pre-standard & own 5G communication tech dubbed as 5G TF. It does use some basic 5G tech such as millimeter wave, but the fixed home 5G Internet by Verizon actually felt like a rush job to get out in vanguard place against rivals. John Legere (T-Mobile CEO) slammed it as such, and the fact that Verizon is stopping rollout of 5G Home until it can switch everything over to the sector-supported 5G NR fundamentally underlines that.

On a related note, Verizon earlier verified to the media that it will be rolling out RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 XL and 3. Only those 2 handsets on Verizon will have the functionality, but the firm tells the media that it is pledged to bringing enhanced messaging in the future to other Verizon handsets. In different words, the launch on Verizon for Chat will possibly be a little slow, but it is still earlier than we were hoping. A few weeks back, a Verizon official hinted that Chat support might arrive soon.

The text-messaging standard, RCS, is set to restore SMS for Android handsets. It supports functions that you might anticipate from any text-messaging platform, comprising high-resolution video & images, typing indicators, and enhanced group chat. Regrettably, it does not have different functions that you would wish in a text-messaging platform, such as privacy-related end-to-end encryption. RCS is also central strategy by Google for providing an improved messaging to Android consumers, effectively replacing Allo and Hangouts.

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