Apple Plans To Bring AR-Based 3-D Cameras In New iPhones

Apple—the smartphone giant—schedules to launch iPhones with an innovative technology-based powerful 3-D camera by the next year, and this plan of innovative camera development would lead the company towards augmented reality, according to some sources familiar with this.

The rear-facing, wide-range 3-D camera is intended to deeply scan the environment to develop three-dimensional reforms of the actual view. The 3-D feature will effectively function in a range of about 15 feet distance from the object. The current 3-D camera system in iPhones is used for its facial-recognition unlocking, which generally functions when the user is within the range of 25 to 50 centimeters from the camera.

The sources also revealed that the upcoming3-D feature will make use of laser-scanning, instead of the current dot-projection technology which does not perform well over extended distances. The camera development includes an additional highly-advanced camera, superior image-capture tools, and a more powerful processor; and Apple plans to integrate all of them in coming iPhone generations.

While virtual reality engages the user in a digital kingdom, AR brings visuals and data together constructing an exact view of the real world. The developing 3-D camera of iPhone may be an introduction to an AR headset that the company has been organizing to launch in the next year.

Earlier, Apple intended to integrate the innovative 3-D camera technology in the superior phones to be launched in the Year 2019, but extended the plan to next year. Still, Apple is developing the technology and understanding more camera capabilities to be offered in its handsets.

The sales of iPhones have plunged from the month of October that led to a significant fall in stocks washing above $300 Billion off its market value. However, the highly-featured camera integrated phones could spur the iPhone sales and propel the company’s growth.

Currently, Apple is also focused on its current year’s iPhone launch. The company is examining some versions of iPhone to be launched in this year that comprises a USB-C port instead of the existing Lightning port that the company has been using since 2012.

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