YouTube Heads Against Cable Service; Expands Live Streaming To 195 Regions In US

The modern era is not only about the advanced gadgets that are impregnated with phenomenal technologies, but is also about the latest technologies that are cost-effective and innovative. The latest inclusion in the niche of entertainment in the form of streaming services has swiped away all the other modes of entertainment with its unique and engaging contents. In fact, people are unsubscribing from their usual DTH or cable TV subscriptions which are usually costlier than the options offered by the streaming services.

YouTube has always been popular in the world of entertainment due to its ease of access and valuable contents. Now, it is moving forward to taking over the streaming services by offering more affordable options that will enable the people to save more money. It has planned to introduce a monthly subscription service at $40 to none less than 95 fresh US markets that covers 195 regions which sums up around 98% of the household in the nation.

Out of the 60 networks available in YouTube TV, some of the most popular channels like CNN, Fox, and ABC will be offered in the live streaming options. The local affiliates and premium networks will also be included in an additional package along with unlimited cloud DVR recording.

Though Google has not revealed the total numbers of subscribers for the YouTube TV since its advent in 2017, it is estimated to witness a steep progress. In January 2018, the total numbers of paid subscribers were around 300,000 that hiked to 800,000 in July despite increasing the price to $40 from the initial monthly subscription amount of $35.

Previously, YouTube had highlighted the live sporting events when it was bidding against some other services. In the latest announcement to expand the live streaming services, it is evident that consumers will be able to watch the Big Games.

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