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Trump Blamed For Disorderly Shutdown

The 35 day shutdown of government services in United States due to lack of consensus between White House and opposition parties has deepened the divide between government and citizens. The poll results show that a large percentage of Americans think that the nation is on a wrong track and not heading in the right direction as envisaged by government. Also most people around 50 % to 37 % blame current president Trump and his policies for the current crisis instead of Democratic Party that has put his plans of setting up a boundary wall on Mexico border on hold.

While nearly 52 % of current majority opposed the construction of wall along the border 45 % are in favor of the plan. Some have even gone far as to say that the President’s management of borders security issues and immigration problems from Mexican border is wrong as immigrants would make America strong. The recent NBC/Wall Street Journal survey did depict the decline in approval for President Trump and most support his economy management policies which have helped in creation of new jobs in almost all industry categories. It however made a surprising revelation that only one third of Americans are confident that Trump has right goals and policies.

On various counts he compared unfavorably with previous presidents Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Also 47%to 36 % Americans rate him negatively than positively for his negotiation skills which Trump claims is his signature trait. He fares poorly for qualities like steady and reliable, knowledge and experience, honesty and trustworthiness and also ethical standards. This telephone survey was carried out of 900 adults between Jan 20th to 23rd of this year showed the nation’s mood about the government’s policies that is creating more trouble for ordinary citizens instead of making them feel safe, secure and strong as was promised by Trump during elections.

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