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Snapchat May Roll Public Stories That Do Not Vanish

Snapchat’s attraction has hugely revolved all over the disappearing nature of its material, but that may not be the case for some content in the coming period. The media sources state that Snap is mulling over making public Stories (that is, ones that comes into view in Our Story) last more than ever, or even permanently. You can still remove them manually, but they would not vanish automatically. The firm is reportedly mulling over about disclosing the identities of Snapchat consumers who make public posts, as well. Private snaps will stay as ephemeral as before, so you would not have to be concerned about a permanent record of your chats.

The decision will be prompted at least partially by Snapchat’s associates. While it is possible to share Stories or insert them on the web, some associates refuse since they know it will vanish post 90 Days. What is the point of recording Snapchat footage of a breaking news if you cannot revisit that video after a year?

On a related note, Snap earlier seemed to be placing the foundation for collaboration with Amazon, the e-commerce giant. As per media, a Snapchat’s version being designed for Android phones consists of code for the latest feature known as “Visual Search,” which can utilize camera of Snapchat to send pictures of a barcode scan or product to Amazon, which later present search results.

The source code was spotted by media in the Snapchat application that comprised pop-up text quoting, “Press and hold to recognize a barcode, song, object, and more! This functions by sending data to Shazam, Amazon, and other partners.”

Already Snap has an identical association with Shazam, wherein songs recorded through the camera of Snapchat can be transmitted to the music database of Shazam. The feature enables the users to find artists via Shazam and subsequently follow them on Snapchat.

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