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Maxar Appoints DigitalGlobe’s President As CEO

Maxar Technologies announced its new CEO. Reportedly, the firm has placed its DigitalGlobe’s president in place of its earlier CEO, Howard Lance. Recently, Lance resigned from Maxar’s president and CEO position. He served this position for the period of fewer than 3 Years. The latest CEO shift comes as Maxar seems to unload a stressed geostationary satellite manufacturing section that has been a haul on the firm’s recent income.

In a news release, Maxar announced Daniel Jablonsky, who is a DigitalGlobe employee from 2012 and president from October 2017, is joining Maxar’s board of directors. He is appointed as the president as well as CEO of the firm. Almost one year ago, the firm was shifting its headquarters to DigitalGlobe’s longtime home—Westminster, Colorado. The firm is still in the process to decide what to do with Space Systems Loral’s manufacturing section for big communications satellites.

On a similar note, Maxar recently reported that WorldView-4 satellite by the firm has failed in its control moment gyros (CMGs). Reportedly, this prevented the satellite from gathering imagery owing to the failure of an axis of stability. Apparently, efforts are ongoing together with its suppliers in order to restore satellite working. However, thus far, these attempts have not been successful. According to Maxar, probably, at this time, WorldView-4 is not in the condition to recover. So, it will no longer produce serviceable imagery.

Maxar operations have kept the WorldView-4 satellite in a secure configuration. It is supposed to continue the satellite’s health and location management. This satellite was manufactured by Lockheed Martin and CMGs were supplied by Honeywell. WorldView-4 was purchased by GeoEye before its unification with DigitalGlobe in 2013. It was rolled out in November 2016 and collected approximately $85 Million revenues in the financial year 2018. The satellite had a net book value of about $155 Million.

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