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LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Comes Live At The Consumer Electronic Show

You can pre-order your two-wheeler, the LiveWire electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson is bringing in the LiveWire electric motorcycles up for sale. The two-wheeler which will arrive from August can be pre-ordered for $29,799. All speculations regarding the launch date and its pricing have come to an end. Pre-orders can be done through its official website at HD LiveWire.

The announcement was made in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019. Two models were unveiled, showing two electric prototypes of Harley Davidson that are to be launched in 2020.

LiveWire can zoom past at 60mph in just a matter of 3.5 seconds. Apart from its fast speed, you can make use of its H-D Connect services by which the status of the battery charge on the bike can be checked and you can get service reminders. Even if you lose your bike, you can track it through the GPS.

The electric bike is an evolution in mobility, says CEO Matt Levatich. The high-voltage battery can run 110-miles on a charge. The electric motor has a permanent magnet to power LiveWire and it is located lower in the motorcycle for better handling as its center of gravity is lowered.

Live Wire charging is possible through an ordinary household outlet using a Level 1 charger. It can also be charged at a public charge station for a speedy charge.

With just a twist to the throttle, the rider can ride it smoothly as it gets instant power, without any use of a clutch or a gear. The LiveWire comes in seven ride modes of which four are standard and three can be customized.

The electric LiveWire has its own Harley-Davidson sound that is a new signature sound of the company, which is produced as the motor gains sped on acceleration.

Harley-Davidson has not mentioned a timeline regarding its availability in the other global markets.

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