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WHO Spots Non-Communicable Diseases As Major Danger To Human Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently revealed the list of 10 major threats to the health of the worldwide population in 2019. These issues range from communicable diseases such as diphtheria and measles, which are a preventable using vaccine, to the non-communicable diseases such as obesity, heart disease, drug-resistant microbes, and so on. Reportedly, 2019 is scheduled to be the initiation year for the 5-year plan from the organization to deal with these threats. The 5-year strategic program is named as the 13th General Program of Work.

The subsequent on this list are non-communicable diseases. It includes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and so on. The WHO report highlights that almost 70% of the casualties are due to these non-communicable diseases. These diseases are responsible for approximately 41 Million deaths globally. Of these 15 Million individuals who expire prematurely due to these diseases are from the age group of 30–69.

On a similar note, a recent study by the WHO stated that western culture and society cause more health dangers to refugees and migrants than they do to the host nations. The foremost report on migrant and refugee health in the west by WHO Europe highlights that newcomers are at danger to fall ill when they are transiting to another country. However, they face further risks after they reach a host nation due to poor diet, unhealthful living conditions, and the fatness endemic.

The latest report on the health of migrants and refugees in the WHO European area states that the migrants are not involved in transmitting diseases or placing an unbalanced burden on healthcare systems, and calls on countries to make decisions to provide services to refugees on the basis of facts, rather than prejudice or politics. Dr. Santino Severoni, Coordinator, Public Health And Migration, WHO Europe, proclaimed that the latest report is a great prospect to diffuse fake myths, negative narratives, and misperceptions.

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