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Uber Is Appointing Robotics Teams To Operate On Scooters And Bikes

Uber is only steadily resuming its autonomous car program, but it is already thinking about branching out that tech to its two-wheeler services. The media has found that Uber is appointing for a “micromobility robotics” group that might bring “robotics and sensing technologies” to shared scooters and bikes. While the exact plans are not transparent, the media thought that this might result in rides that park themselves—important when sloppily parked scooters are an infection in some areas.

Uber refused to speak on this topic. Given that the firm is only just beginning to appoint for the team, it is going to be a while before prior to you see the outcomes of whatever the firm is planning. It would not be shocking if self-parking scooters and bikes are on the streets. Uber is facing hard rivalry from Lyft, Lime, and various other players. This might offer it a way to show up.

On a related note, Starbucks earlier declared that it is extending its delivery affiliation with UberEats to 2,000 additional stores in the US. This makes up almost 1/4th of all Starbucks stores in the nation. Dubbed as Starbucks Delivers, the service has been working as a pilot program from September 2018 in Tokyo, Miami, and a few cities in China. Starbucks claims that it will be extending the service to 7 more metropolitan regions starting in 2019 in the US.

Starbucks has provided deliveries since 2015 via Postmates, but the firm claims that its new program learns more from its experience in China. Since rolling out the program with Alibaba’s (the leading food delivery service in China) 3 Months back, the firm claims that it has brought delivery abilities to 2,000 shops all over 30 cities. China’s Starbucks Delivers experience was tailored with tamper-proof packaging seals, spill-proof lids for cold & hot drinks, dedicated delivery riders, and containers that keep drinks hot.

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