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World Can Be Saved With This New Planetary: Scientists

The next huge dieting trend can be one that intends to not only enhance one’s health but also our planet’s health. The “planetary health diet” was designed by an international team of researchers. They state it could assist in assuring sustainable food production, decreasing further harm to our planet. The diet comprises decreasing consumption of red meat and sugar by half while consuming more vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

The diet can avoid up to 11.6 Million premature demises without harming the planet, as per the report issued in The Lancet journal. The authors caution that a global alteration in food production and diet is required as 3 Billion individuals are malnourished worldwide—that comprises those who are over- and under-nourished—and production of food is exceeding environmental targets, bringing about climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

The population of the world is set to attain 10 Billion individuals by 2050; that increase, along with our existing food production and diet patterns, will “worsen threats to planet and people,” as per the researchers. The report proposes 5 strategies to assure individuals can alter their diets and not damage the planet in performing so: incentivizing individuals to eat better, moving global production toward various crops, increasing agriculture sustainably, stringent regulation about the controlling of lands & oceans, and decreasing wastage of food.

On a similar note, according to a study released in Diabetologia, a heart-healthy diet might not only assist with cardiovascular health but also it can keep the threat of diabetes at bay. Individuals who stick on to at least 4 of the 7 aspects of Life’s Simple 7 guide of the American Heart Association for heart health slash their threat of developing diabetes by 70%. Life’s Simple 7 lifestyle behaviors and health factors that support good cardiovascular health comprise blood glucose, blood pressure, diet, cholesterol, tobacco use, weight, and physical activity.

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