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Samsung To Source Exynos Auto V9 For In-Vehicle Infotainment System Of Audi

Samsung Electronics stated that it has sealed a contract with Audi AG, a German carmaker, to provide automotive processors developed for the in-vehicle entertainment and information systems. The South Korean chipmaker—that presented the automotive chip brand in October 2018 for the first time—mentioned the Exynos Auto V9 will be used for the IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) systems for Audi cars—that deliver info—along with entertainment content.

With the IVI solution operating on the Exynos Auto V9, the car users will get particulars on situations of cars on a real-time basis. Further, the Exynos Auto V9 will allow the IVI solution to regulate6 displays all at once and back up to 12 cameras, as said by Samsung. With 3 GPUs (graphics processing units), it is accomplished to run a range of applications at the same time, it mentioned.

The neural processing unit can also quickly and precisely process numerous data, comprising a face, voice, and movements of the drivers to offer optimized data. Samsung stated it will carry on to release several automotive chips in the due course for other functions, comprising the Advanced Driver Assistance System that cautions the drivers of possible risks.

Similarly, at the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Honda is unveiling a new, model infotainment system dubbed Honda Dream Drive, labeled as the foremost fully integrated driver and passenger infotainment system in an automobile. Though the system stays a model, it is now being shown off at CES in the 2019 Passport’s dashboard.

The concept was foremost revealed at CES 2017 and is developed to offer diverse experiences and services for the passengers and driver. Car users will have access to an extended variant of Honda’s in-vehicle payment tech that allows drivers to recompense for goods and services like parking, movie tickets, fuel, and order food for delivery or pickup or make restaurant reservations.

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