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ISRO States Gaganyaan Manned Space Mission Liftoff Scheduled For December 2021

The maiden manned space project of India, “Gaganyaan,” is all set for December 2021 takeoff and is likely to encompass a woman astronaut, as affirmed by the ISRO Chairman, K Sivan. Getting organized for the project, acknowledged by PM Narendra Modi, the organization has established a new center to aid the manned voyage entailing a 3-member squad, he said.

The ISRO chairman stated, “We have positioned all in place. Gaganyaan has supreme primacy for 2019. We’re aiming to have a foremost unmanned project in December 2020 and the succeeding one for July 2021. Following the accomplishment this, the manned mission will occur in December 2021. The whole team is preparing themselves to achieve this target.”

Recently, the Union Cabinet gave a “yes” for the Rs 9,023-crores initiative, he said, while talking to reporters with regards to the accomplishments of ISRO in the earlier year and the imminent initiatives. Sivan stated ISRO had established the Human Space Flight Centre to look after all the things associated with the manned space mission. The center will include Unnikrishnan Nair, a senior scientist, as its director and Dr. R Hutton as the project director. On the mission’s successful accomplishment, India would be the 4th country in the world to pull off this.

On a similar note, as SpaceX of Elon Musk managed to succeed something stunning by making rockets that can be revived after being utilized and can be again reused. Nevertheless, ISRO also intends to achieve the same with its RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle) that it initially validated on May 23, 2016. Sivan, in a recent press briefing, repeated the agenda of the space agency to make RLV’s an actuality and though SpaceX has coped to revive the rocket’s first stage, ISRO intends to go a step ahead by not only reviving the first but also the rocket’s 2nd stage.

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