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Extending Brexit Time Limit Might Cause Major Issues With The EU Elections

Recently, it was stated that by extending the official Brexit date for the U.K., it can bring a signal of extra political and logistical problems for the EU (European Union). The constant deadlock has started a debate on the possible extension of Article 50, which is the lawful means by which the U.K. exits from the EU. Nonetheless, there is tough opposition from some European policymakers to grant extra time to the U.K. to resolve its domestic politics.

The U.K. has planned to exit the EU on March 29, 2019, but this can change if the U.K. demands an extension and if the other 27 associate nations agree to the request. Extending the exit more than the agreed date would possibly clash with the European parliamentary elections, which are scheduled amid May 23–26, 2019. The chamber is made of policymakers from all 28 European member nations—counting the U.K.—and is accountable for approving European regulations, like the Union’s total budget. Guy Verhofstadt—Member of the European Parliament—stated, “What we will not allow happening—treaty or no treaty—is that the muddle in British politics that is again introduced in European politics. While we are aware that the U.K. needs extra time, and for us, it is unlikely that Article 50 is delayed beyond the European elections.”

Speaking of Brexit, recently, Angela Merkel—German Chancellor—stated that she will do all she could to ensure Britain exits the EU with a pact and—with striking a pacifying tone—she felt accountability to get a methodical solution. The rejection in the present week of London’s contract with the EU by British policymakers has thrown the procedure into disarray with choices such as a no-deal Brexit in 10 Weeks to stay in the bloc.

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