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WEF: The World Favors Immigration And Working With Other Countries

According to a new poll issued by the WEF (World Economic Forum), the world is mainly open to multilateral cooperation and immigration. The WEF—which is popularly known for conducting the annual economic forum in Switzerland—stated that a survey of over 10,000 people from various parts of the world disclosed that the majority of people believed that collaboration among nations was very imperative. The WEF report—disclosed with web-based research company Qualtrics—also asserted that the findings exposed and deflated a negative picture of immigrants that have been presented by media outlets across the world.

A majority of respondents globally (57%) stated that they thought that immigrants were “generally good” for their adopted country though there were some solid regional variations. The most welcoming areas to immigration were South Asia (72%) and North America (66%), of those asked asserted that people visiting their country were “typically good.” Nevertheless, only 46% of Western Europe and 40% of those residing in Eastern Europeans had the same opinion. On asking whether their own country had accountability to assist other countries, South Asia topped with 94% consenting with the statement. In a press release, Klaus Schwab—Executive Chairman and Founder of the WEF—stated, “The overwhelming aspiration of the global public is to discover new methods to work mutually that will permit them to assist on these serious shared challenges currently everyone is facing at global level.”

On a similar note, recently, the WEF cautioned of the influence of global tensions. Nationalist politics and international tensions could further add on the economy globally in this year and delay efforts to face with big problems like climate change. During its yearly “Global Risks Report,” the WEF stated that the world is advancing into “an era of divergence after a phase of globalization.” A darkening economic viewpoint, in part promoted by geopolitical tensions amid the U.S. and China, “looks to further lessen the possibility for global cooperation in 2019,” it said.

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