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White House Thinking Of Ex-CEO PepsiCo To Head World Bank

Reportedly, Indra Nooyi—previous PepsiCo CEO—is being believed to be the next chief of the World Bank. According to The New York Times, several people well-known with the situation said that Nooyi has been pleased by Ivanka Trump—the daughter of the U.S. President Donald Trump—as a supporter to the Trump government. However, the report stated that the process of selecting the next head of the World Bank would stay fluid and still is in the early stages. Nooyi resigned from her duties of PepsiCo’s CEO in October. She directed the beverage and snacks company for almost 12 Years.

According to the report, it is still not clear whether Nooyi will accept the job. Though, Ivanka Trump has mentioned to Nooyi as an “inspiration” and “mentor.” Still, The Times pointed out that Nooyi’s backing to Hillary Clinton—ex-democratic presidential candidate—can be a barrier to her being nominated. The report came a day following the White House’s denial that Ivanka Trump was in the race of the World Bank job. Instead, the White House backed up that Ivanka was managing an internal search for candidates. The bank’s presidency seat became vacant after Jim Yong Kim declared in the last week that he was stepping down effective from February 1, 2019.

Lately, PepsiCo was also in news as it leverages the “augmented intelligence.” Apparently, the food and beverage titan is hitting into the power of “augmented intelligence” since it looks to generate powerful customer and strategic insights. A prime driver of the company’s attempts in this area is Ada—which is an in-house platform that was released in the last year—that was formed in business with Zappi. The definition of Ada is offering “augmented intelligence,” not artificial intelligence, took shape as it works on the best of algorithms and human insights, rather than depending on the latter.

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