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FDA Gives Approval To Epilepsy Smartwatch For Use in Children

Federal supervisors have sanctioned the use of mHealth and now a wearable smartwatch that is created to identify epileptic seizures in kids and right away alert the care team members has been cleared. The U.S. FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) authorization of the Embrace smartwatch—which is manufactured by Cambridge-based Empatica—spots the second time the care device has received the green light from the federal. The FDA has approved the Empatica’s smartwatch for grownups use in February 2018.

This smartwatch utilizes machine learning skills to calculate electrodermal activity and recognize when a user undergoes through the most dangerous types of seizures—called as “generalized tonic-clonic” or “grand mal” seizures—and then sends notifications by text message or e-mail to selected caretakers. Around 3.4 Million Americans have epilepsy, as per to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This smartwatch gives approximately 470,000 children—who are under 14—and their caretakers a novel tool for care management. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), almost 35% of those having epilepsy does not react to medication to manage seizures, while the medication is only partly helpful for another 33%. And 1 in 4 kids has general tonic-clonic seizures that are most frequently linked with SUDEP (sudden and unexpected death in epilepsy).

Lately, the NIH was also in news as its team has developed an AI (artificial intelligence) approach for the screening of cervical cancer. A research panel directed by scientists from the NIH and Global Good has built up a computer algorithm that can investigate digital images of a female’s cervix and precisely identify precancerous modifications that are required for medical attention. This AI approach—called automated visual evaluation—has the perspective to transform cervical cancer test, mainly in low-resource settings.

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