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Hybrid Air Vehicles Claims To Stop Flying Its Airlander 10 Airship

A few years back, the UK-located Hybrid Air Vehicles fascinated the world when it revealed the Airlander 10—an airship lighter than air and designed as an option to helicopters & airplanes. Now, as per the media, that first prototype will not make to the skies again, as the firm claims that it does not aim to fly the prototype model soon.

Nicknamed the “flying bum,” the Airlander 10 was initially developed in 2010 by the US Army as a surveillance and reconnaissance platform (dubbed as the Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle). The airship could stay aloft for weeks. When budget slashes left the project with a dubious future, Hybrid Air Vehicles brought the model and transported it to the UK, with the aim to use it for the commercial use, carrying passengers and cargo. Composed of carbon fiber, mylar, and kevlar, the airship is filled with helium and employs diesel engines to steer, take off, and land.

Speaking of air vehicles, SpaceX may start Starship test flights earlier than you believe. Elon Musk now anticipates conducting a technical demonstration for Starship shortly after its test car flies, “expectantly” in by April 2019. In different words, he needs a test flight prior to April-end. It will be much similar to SpaceX’s suborbital, short-distance Grasshopper test initiative from the early days of Falcon 9. Musk claimed that the car will be just as broad as the final Starship, but it will not be the whole height.

This is not, by any means, set in stone. On the other hand, it recommends that SpaceX is hopeful about its capability of completing the car swiftly. COO Gwynne Shotwell and Musk had earlier pegged the initial short-hop flights for late next year. That target may be attainable—sources well aware of SpaceX’s aimed Texas launch site have witnessed components coming in.

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