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MRI Scans Reveal Marijuana Use Can Strongly Affect Teenagers’ Brains

Based on the new study, researchers revealed that even a low level of marijuana inhalation can bring drastic changes in some of the areas of the teenage brain concerned with memorizing, learning, and emotion-development.

The study involved observation of the brain of 46 boys and girls with an age of 14 from England, Ireland, Germany, and France. The research found an increased size of the brain’s specific regions in case of children who reported using recreational marijuana even once or twice through MRI imaging. Through further investigation, it was analyzed that the affected brain regions are involved in learning, memorizing, and emotion-linked processing. The study findings have been recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The variations were noticed through in the gray matter volumes through MRI images after marijuana consumption by teenagers.

The study did not explain about the reason behind the increase in the volume of brain matter, but the scientists recognized that the swelling of gray matter obstructs the normal development in teenage.

However, the research has proposed a few possibilities that might lead to increased gray matter brain volume in cannabis consuming adolescents. One possibility could be the disruption of sculpting process occurring in teenagers brains, in which brain and its connections get stronger and efficient, transforming into maturation phase; this disruption through marijuana could possibly lead to increase in volumes. Another possibility could be the growth in neurons and its attachments between them through marijuana consumption.

Another research revealed that marijuana has stronger effects than alcohol on the developing brains. In the mid of the previous year, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania evaluated the brain processing of a young group of marijuana consumers and non-consumers, the findings stated that the marijuana consumers were slightly weak in grabbing new information, memorizing, processing information, and problem-solving ability.

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