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Netflix To Increase Its Prices All Over Its Tiers

Netflix is increasing costs all over its streaming plans in the range of 13–18%, marking its biggest cost hike till date. The media reports that the lowest $8 tier will have a price tag of $9 while the $14 & $11 plans will elevate and show the $16 and $13 numbers, respectively. New users will be subject to the elevated costs instantly while present Netflix users will witness the new costing launch over the course of coming months, as per media.

Netflix most lately elevated the costs of its 2 plans earlier in 2017. “We modify costing from time to time as we carry on improving the overall Netflix experience and spending in great entertainment,” Netflix claimed to the media in an interview. The streaming behemoth has been investing billions towards its content, and its originals comprise well-liked titles such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things.

On a related, Facebook’s miseries carry on as a new bombshell report discloses that the social media behemoth offered tech firms (that it was associated with) far greater authorization to consumer data, comprising private messages, than was earlier revealed.  The media reported this week that it had witnessed internal Facebook papers from last year that display the extent to which the firm sold its consumers’ private info to commercial associates, comprising the likes of Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Microsoft, and Netflix.

The media report summarizes different relations Facebook had with different tech firms. The firm offered Netflix, Spotify, and the Royal Bank of Canada authorization to read private messages of the consumers. It offered Apple authorization to calendar functions and contacts of the users, even if they had turned off data sharing. Amazon’s association meant it can see the contact info and names of consumers. Microsoft, via its search engine (Bing), had authorization to users’ friends names and usernames.

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