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TESS Finds Its 3rd New Planet With Most Lengthy Orbit

The TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) by NASA has found a 3rd small planet exterior to our solar system, researchers claimed in Seattle at the yearly American Astronomical Society meeting.

The latest planet, dubbed as HD 21749b, revolves around a nearby & bright dwarf star almost 53 Light Years away, in the Reticulum constellation. The star seems to have the longest orbital timeframe of the 3 planets so far verified by TESS. The new start revolves around its star in a comparatively leisurely 36 Days, in comparison to the 2 other planets—LHS 3844b, a rocky planet that revolves around its star in only 11 Hours, and Pi Mensae b, a “super-Earth” with a 6.3-day revolution period. All 3 planets were found in the initial 3 Months of observations by TESS.

The new planet’s surface is probably almost 300 Degrees Fahrenheit—comparatively cool—given its nearness to its star, which is almost as glowy as the sun.

On a related note, China is also on a mission to explore the unfolded histories of the universe. The universe is a deep dark place having a number of entities giving hints regarding the already existing objects or the current objects that have come into being. One of the Chinese landers that had been designed to explore the far side of the Moon, which is the face that is always facing the opposite of the Earth, has recently stepped into the lunar orbit.

The spacecraft carries the Chang’e-4 lander that has presently completed its entire journey from Earth and this accomplishment has been made possible within 5 Days just before settling into the elliptical orbit around the Moon. If the Chang’e-4 mission succeeds then it will be the first one of its kind to have explored the dark side of the Moon.

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