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This Device Hacks Google Home And Amazon Echo To Defend Your Privacy

An open-source hardware project pledges to keep smart assistants from Google and Amazon from hearing on your private chats by constantly making white noise, claimed a media report.

The device, dubbed as Alias, is an always-hearing speaker, but it only links to the Internet at the time of initial setup procedure. That way, Alias remains “off the grid” while you are employing it, avoiding your chats from leaving off the device, claimed one of the developers, Bjørn Karmann, to the media in an interview. When the Alias listens its wake word, it will wake up Google Assistant or Alexa after stopping to distribute white noise so you can employ them as normal.

Alias is developed to fit on top of a Google Home or Amazon Echo where it seems like a mass of melted wax. It is made up of a mic array, a 3D-printed top layer, two speakers, and a Raspberry Pi. Rather than calling the speaker Google or Alexa, you can tailor it with a distinctive wake word, such as The Rock or Steve. When it listens to that word, Alias will then silently wake up the actual smart assistant by playing “OK Google” or “Alexa” over its interior speaker.

Speaking of privacy, consumer groups all over 7 European nations earlier filed GDPR grievances in opposition to location tracking by Google, as per media reports. BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation), of which every group is a member, states that “deceptive practices” by Google around location tracking do not offer consumer a real choice about whether to switch it on, and that Google does not properly tell them about what this tracking involves.

If upheld, the grievances might indicate a hefty penalty for the search behemoth. The grievances follow after the wake of the discovery that the firm is capable of tracking consumer’s location even when the option for “Location History” is disabled.

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